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Investor Testimonials

We were looking for an investment, something that would give us a better return than that being offered by our bank. We had some cash saved up and decided to purchase a property. We searched the whole market, trying different people, went to investment seminars and it all seemed as though they wanted to take our money.

We tried Properties Discounted and they were straight forward. They sent us details of suitable properties that matched our budget and investment perimeters. The properties were exactly as described. After viewing a couple of properties, we went forward with the purchase.

They were professional throughout. We saved £20,000 on our purchase, and are seeing an excellent return on our investment. We have since recommended our friends and now building a portfolio through Properties Discounted. They are 100% ethical, great service especially from Adam.

I contacted Properties Discounted and spoke with them; I had an open and frank conversation. I was new to buying property and was unclear as to whether I needed to buy from an auction, repossession through a local estate agent or pay thousands of pounds to go on a property investment course. I was completely at a loss – a novice.

What was refreshing, rather than trying to sell me a property they understood more about me, my income, liabilities, work, responsibilities, areas of expertise, skills shortage, my financial profile, my vision, in fact they were heavily focused on me trying to understand my objectives and rational as to what I was trying to achieve and how I intended to get there.

They first helped me understand my own strategy, and guided me through the property investment process. It wasn’t until a week had passed by; that they even began discussing property investments, but, by this time I understood the business thanks to their help and free advice.

I bought my first property investment, and as such made an equity gain of £26,000 and a return of £600 per month. The property is managed and as such, requires very little time.

I have now started to build my portfolio using properties discounted and speak with my property investment consultant on a regular basis; in fact we have become good friends.

Its great taking advice and seeing websites whereby the owners of property companies claim to have made millions of pounds through buying and selling property. All that said and done, I was skeptical as when you deal with most of these types of companies you never speak to the owners, just some junior telesales person trying to sell you a dream.

So, when I contacted Properties Discounted™ I was firstly interested in ascertaining for myself how good the individual property investment professional was that I was talking to, their personal track record.

I was amazed, he was a real performer. He had bought and structured hundreds and hundreds of property investment deals. He had purchased land [developable land] for a £1, made over £100,000 in a single deal without a penny in, made one of his clients in excess of £1m equity in a week, bought houses for £5,000.

This guy was amazingly knowledgeable and a real performer. He was happy to share his knowledge and could back everything up he said.

So, as the old cliché goes, if you going to back a horse make sure it’s a winner. So, I invested and purchased through Properties Discounted™ and need I say anymore. I am and will always remain with Properties Discounted, an excellent and highly ethical company always on the forefront of property.

What made me go with Properties Discounted™ was the fact that they were agents selling properties for people who needed a quick sale. They were directly instructed. It’s like your local estate agent giving you the best deals but as we all know they don’t.

I purchased Properties through Properties Discounted; the deals were so good that no one could believe the prices I had paid and the amount of profit I had gained from the purchase.

They were fast, efficient, highly professional and worked nonstop to get the job done. That’s exactly what I wanted – no surprises, straightforward and always available to talk to.

Normally when you speak to agents they want to make a sale and then close the file. I am a small developer and I wanted to purchase properties that I could buy, do up, enhance the value on and refinance out of.

Properties discounted understood my plan very well. They worked by plan from back to front – looking at the exit strategy that would allow me to refinance. They ensured I was mortgage able, and that there were contingency strategies in my plan so that if I decided at the end of my refurbishment program to sell as opposed to refinance that there was a market for my product – property.

They factored in void periods and mishaps just in case things did not come to fruition. Essentially after a while of brain storming I knew exactly how to drive my business forward.

I have been purchasing properties for a while through my investment consultant at Properties Discounted and am now having grown in to a profitable business. I am in the property trade and I will always purchase through properties discounted.

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