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Repossessed Properties and Repossessed Homes For Sale

Repossession of property is a situation that occurs when the owner has defaulted on the costs associated with the property, such as the mortgage, for one reason or another. Many people may not see the benefits for buying a repossessed property, imagining there are risks involved. However, for the investor, repossessed homes for sale can in fact prove to be somewhat of a gold mine.

The benefits of buying a repossessed property

Last year alone, the number of repossessed homes for sale was around 9,000 in the UK. Investors and first-time owners can take great advantage of this situation, and repossessed properties are often advertised and sold below their market price in order to for the repossessor to make a quick sale and recover as much of the outstanding debt as possible.

how can Properties Discounted help you to maximise on buying repossessed property?

The trend of buying repossessed properties gained such a popularity that there are many TV channels organizing shows providing guidance about buying repossessed homes and fixing them for reselling. But it's not recommended to go it alone in such a sale, and you need to be sure that you will actually gain from such an investment.

Homes or properties are often purchased after completion of the foreclosure process through auction or a quick sale before repossession. But if you buy a repossessed property through Properties Discounted you stand to gain for several reasons:

  • We have a comprehensive list of the cheapest properties for sale around the country
  • You can take advantage of our specialist team who will provide dedicated support and advice to ensure you make an investment in the property which is best for you
  • We'll do all the sums for you and make sure every step of the process is clear and watertight, allowing you maximum assurance that your money is being invested in the best possibly place for you.

How to buy a repossessed property

If a house goes for a quick sale then both the buyer and seller has an agreed price for releasing the house on an existing mortgage. The offer must be accepted by both parties involved in the deal.

After repossession, most of the banks require a proof of financing from the buyer which in turn requires depositing a substantial down payment. If you aren’t experienced with these procedures then it's advice to seek advice from the trained professional at Properties Discounted who can help you with every step of purchasing repossessed properties.

Finding a repossessed property


Your online search for repossessed properties may lead you to a large number of websites most of which require a membership fee, an unwanted burden for any investor. Properties Discounted will do all the hard work for you, finding the best properties to suit your price range and increase your investment portfolio.

Normally banks are also eager to sell such properties quickly for the sake of cash recovery, and our team will search out all the best deals for you.

When you opt for buying repossessed home for sale or any other reprocessed property for sale we can help you to keep an eye on various factors associated with such properties. Since the process of buying reprocessed properties often becomes overwhelming and may develop legal complexities, it is best to utilise the services of a highly trained team who specialise in helping our customers buy repossessed properties.

What else should you consider as an investor?

  1. Have a think about the amount of money you intend to spend including renovation and potential repairs of the property. If you intend to resell the property at some later stage then spend an ample amount of money in renovation a repairs and ensure that the house is livable for a new potential buyer. We can provide detailed analysis of the amount of return you can expect on your investment in a repossessed property.
  2. The location of property must not be overlooked as location can bring huge positive or negative variation in the price of property. At Properties Discounted we always seek properties in decent neighbourhoods, close to transport links, amenities and good schools. This ensures that when you come to selling your repossessed property on, you will have many potential buyers, making your investment as profitable as possible.
  3. Finally, before buying repossessed properties, seek for a specialist for a professional inspection of the buildings for structural issues. Again this is something Properties Discounted can help you to organise, ensuring you invest your money in the most suitable properties.

So, buying reprocessed properties can represent great deals and returns on your investment. With Properties Discounted, we'll do all the hard work for you, leaving you to reap the rewards.

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