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How to get up to 100% for the value of your home

Sell your house in 28 days for up to 100% Market Value

  • Sell in 4 weeks-receive an offers within 28 days.
  • Huge Advertisting exposure - to reaching over 7 million people, 365 days a year 24/7.
  • A proactive and powerful pricing policy, achieve maximum value in minimum time.
  • Huge database of home buyers and investors.
  • No sale - No fee.
  • Finance approved buyers - no time wasters.
  • A specialist, dynamic and dedicated team achieving a quick completion.
  • Fully compliant and fully regulated for peace of mind.
  • We regularly add new properties.
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Who are Properties Discounted?

Properties Discounted is the first dedicated discounted property specialists and one of the most dynamic estate agents in the UK adopting a unique and proactive marketing approach enabling us to sell your house quickly. By combining our years of expertise and experience and by adopting an unrivalled marketing strategy we can normally have an offer for your property within 28 days, helping you achieve a quick house sale with maximum value in a short timescale.

Are You Regulated?

Authorisation, Regulation, Compliance and Conduct, are four very important words to everyone at Properties Discounted™. There are unfortunately many people that deal with Property Investment, and unfortunately many of them are NOT regulated nor or they part of a scheme where they have to be compliant and adhere to stringent codes of practice.

We are transparent and clear in the way we operate and any advice we provide is within the scope of our policies and procedures and estate agents protocol.

This provides you with the peace of mind that you are dealing with a fully compliant and regulated company, and that you are protected.

Here are just some of the ways you are protected.

We are Members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme for Property Sales of Residential and Commercial Properties. We have chosen to adhere to their code of conduct, not only as this is a legal requirement but also as we agree and prescribe to their policies.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We carry a professional Indemnity Policy, making sure that we provide information on properties that are correct, and as such offer protection against any misrepresentation should it ever occur.

Information commissioner’s office

We are registered with Information Commissioners Office under the data protections Act. We hate spam as much as you do and make sure we do not rent, sell or abuse your information in any way.

Money Laundering

We carry a professional Indemnity Policy, making sure that we provide information on properties that are correct, and as such offer protection against any misrepresentation should it ever occur.

  • Are there any Up Front Costs

    NO Upfront Fees
  • Is there a Cost for Valuation?

    No – All valuations are Free
  • How long should it take to get an offer?

    Normally 28 Days
  • How much should I expect as an offer?

    We act solely for you the seller, we try to achieve as much as possible for your property.

How do you compare with Estate Agents?

  Auctions Properties Discounted
UPFRONT Fees Yes – Legal Pack, Searches & Catalogue Entre Fee No Upfront Fees
Only paid when we complete your sale =
Value Achieved 65 to 75% of Market Value 100%
Time to Sell Approximately 60 Days Plus 28 Days
Market Exposure Mainly target property developers, looking to buy at a low value. Reaching to over 60 Million people, 365 Days a Year, 7 Days a week, 24 hours a day.
A typical Home Seller Banks & Housing Associations All Sellers All Sellers
Risk for Buyers Stand to lose 10% on day of auction as have to Exchange contracts – Binding Legally. High Risk
Lender can pull out – problem with a valuation = Buyer has Lost Money.
High Pressure deters Buyers
No Risk for Buyers, only enter to contract once their funding and valuation is secure = More Buyers
More Buyers = More Offers for the Seller
More Offers = More Value = Sale
Risk For Sellers Risk For Sellers If property does not Sell, negative sentiment in the market for your property No Risk
Opening times 9am to 5pm normally Monday to Friday Open 24 Hours a day 365 Days a year, ready to take an offer, answer an enquiry and discuss your property .
Certainty To lose thousands of Pounds
To Pay upfront Fees
Less Buyers
Achieve 100%
Achieve a sale in 28 Days
See how much your home is worth with our Free 100% online Valuation
  Traditional Estate Agent Properties Discounted
Number of Properties Sold on Average Normally Sell 1 a week – ONLY 4% Over 80% of our properties
Average Time taken To Sell 6 to 12 Months+ to achieve a Sale for the small number they do sell 28 Days
Are they Regulated? Some Estate Agents are Not Regulated and do Not Carry Insurance Property Sales Ombudsman Scheme =
Data Protection =
Insured =
Opening Times Normally Monday to Friday 9am to 5 PM – and some half day Saturday 365 Days a Year. 7 Days a week. 25 hours Day – there to take an offer or answer an enquiry
UP Front Fees Many Estate Agents in the UK do charge upfront No Sale No Fee – we only charge on completion of a sale, with No upfront Fees
Marketing Exposure Only advertise on 1 or 2 portals Huge Marketing Exposure Reaching over 60 Million People, 365 days a year /24 hours a day,
Experienced Do not have core experience in dealing with quick sales. Do not have investment property experience. Many of our Negotiators come from Investment property Back grounds, Decades of experience in selling houses fast country wide.
Buyers Only have small number of prospects, many of which are registered withother local agents. Anyone can view Access to thousands of potential Buyers. Serious Cash Buyers or Mortgage Approved wanting to buy countrywide
Valuations Old fashioned valuation techniques that does NOT work. Do not price realistically which delay sales and lose interest from potential Buyers Dynamic pricing policy that works - Sales in 28 days.A Free Valuation Service.
Huge Interest = More Offers = Higher Price = Quick Sale
Value achieved Although claim 100% , but this is reduced by time delays that cost. 100%
Average Mortgage
Reduction in Value
Total Cost
Amount Received
Certainty of Sale
9 Months
28 Days
First Month expense at NIL for both – sale costs not included, based on mortgage interest only at 3.5% on 85% of value, example for illustration purposes only – see terms and conditions. Please see terms and conditions for source.
See how much your home is worth with our Free 100%online Valuation
  Property Companies Properties Discounted
Value Achieved
£100,000 House Value
60% to 65%
£60,000 to £65,000
Amount you could lose
£100,000 House Value
35% to 40%
£40,000 to £45,000
You achieve 100%
Only pay an Estate Agents Commission on completion
Regulated Can take 8 to 12 weeks – Many do not complete 28 days
Market Exposure You are dealing with 1 company – acting for their own best interest We reach out to over 60 million Buyers – acting for your best interest
Opening Times Very hard to get hold off – they are not your Estate Agent 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a Year.
See how much your home is worth with our Free 100% online Valuation

Where do you Advertise?


Who Deals with the Offers?

Our dedicated professional Senior Sales Negotiators deal with all offers, ensuring that they try to get the best possible price for your home.

What is the Sales Process?

Do I need an EPC?

Yes, you will require an Energy Performance Certificate as this is a Legal requirement. We will help you find an energy assessor.

Do I need a HIP?

You no longer require a Home information Pack.

Do you have any satisfied Clients?

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We get excited when it comes to property for sale, and those purchasing a property through us have even more reason to be, because we love it when Buyers secure house sales at a REAL discount - we cover the whole



We get excited when it comes to property, and those purchasing a property through us have even more reason to be – should you choose to purchase through Properties Discounted™ , then you'e about to purchase your investment property


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