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How to save thousands on the purchase of your new home

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Repossessed Properties

Is repossession the best way to grab a bargain ?

We all know that Repossessed properties are potentially an ideal opportunity to grab a real bargain, but are their other ways?

Repossessions are when Lenders have repossessed properties from their client/s who have been unable to keep up their repayments. Once a Lender has taken possession, they are legally obliged to achieve the best possible value for the repossessed houses for sale. 

Repossessed homes for sale have increased in number over the years as banks and building societies have taken possession of properties from people who were unable to keep up their repayments.

Lenders have an obligation to achieve the best possible price for repossessed properties, and anyone can make offers on repossessed homes for sale, so how does such a property represent good value?

The reason for this is that the Banks primary focus is to recover back its debt and associated sale costs, once they have done this then any excess equity in the property can be passed back on to other creditors or to the previous owner. Purchasing a repossessed houses for sale is not always an easy task – see why>>>>

Banks are under pressure to get the best possible price, even if your offer is accepted, and a higher offer comes in at a later date then they are able to decline your offer and go with the NEW purchaser, leaving you out of pocket with costs you may have incurred such as survey fees, mortgage broker fee and legal fees. Always take advice especially when purchasing repossessed properties from your agent, solicitor and mortgage broker.

Most property sellers tend to hang on for the maximum value for their home and therefore are not open to the idea of negotiating on the price. Therefore repossessed houses for sale seem to be an attractive proposition.

At Properties Discounted, we only market properties for sale that have truly been discounted by the Seller to reflect a quick and urgent sale, similar to repossessed properties, the properties we sell are from motivated sellers, with one focus and that is to sell fast.

Please see why some of our Sellers want to sell fast and reduce the price – it does not always have to be Repossessed houses for sale that offer the best Discounts >>>>


Sellers may be looking to repay back the debts that they have either secured on their property or personal loans that need to be repaid back, some of them with high interest and default penalties. They have equity in their home and as such, do not want to be tied down, they are looking for a quick sale as the delay in a prolonged sale will only cause them more stress and build up their debts further.

They may be unable to get further loans as their credit rating may have affected them in doing so. A fresh start and gaining freedom from such worries is their key prerogative.



A relationship breaking down is an extremely traumatic experience for anyone, and as such, the property may be one of the only things that are making the parting even more difficult as they will be legally tied with the mortgage.

Selling a house fast allows the seller to pick up the pieces and move on to pastures new, releasing them from the liability and financial stress, and more importantly the memories of what may have been a bitter past.


It is always difficult with the loss of a loved one, increasingly so when one has memories tied in a property that was once a part and parcel of their life, attached with memories.

Other than dealing with the loss, having also look after the estate, maintain the property, pay for insurance and council tax and legal bills can easily become an expensive and time consuming process, especially when the property is not close by.

Achieving a fast house sale in this instance helps the Seller, especially as the property is Not required, and as such any reduction in price will save them costs in the long run.


Ill Health

As well as the Seller, it could be a relative, a partner or a friend that may be experiencing unexpected health problems and as such other than coping with medical issues in hand they may also be left with an increased financial burden through loss of earnings and increased expenditure.

Selling the home at a reduced value can help encourage a faster home sale, which may help alleviate part of the stress, and allow them to concentrate on more important matters such as their loved one.


Leaving the Country

With an ever evolving world, potential sellers may be looking to relocate elsewhere. Whether it is for a new career, a new partner, a warmer climate, or whether it is simply fulfilling a passion of travelling the world, the delay in a property sale means that they are unable to venture forward. 

Selling at a discount will enable them to achieve a quicker sale and make that important move faster.



A Seller may want to move to another area, for a number of reasons, may be for a larger home or looking to downsize to a smaller property, employment, a new partner, schooling for children, in fact there can be a number of reasons.

Leaving the property on the market at a high price will only delay the sale, our sellers, are realistic and they are motivated to sell, and have discounted the property to make that move faster.



A Seller may be looking to sell as they may be in financial arrears with their Lenders. The longer the process carries on, the worst their credit rating becomes, and the legal costs, court costs, default costs and additional interest adding further to their debt and problems.

If the property is repossessed then there may be other additional costs added, such as the cost of the court hearing and the lenders sale costs. The embarrassment of being repossessed can also be an emotional factor, especially as the neighbors, friends and family may come to know and the discomfort it will cause to the family members that are resident in the property.

It therefore makes sense that the Seller markets the property for sale realistically priced as opposed to the Repossession agent.



A Seller may be looking to retire or be in retirement. The property may be too large to maintain, require refurbishment, be expensive to heat up or inadequate due to health reasons such as steep steps.

Alternatively it could be that the Seller may want to sell to enjoy more finer things in life such as treating loved ones to help give them a better start in life, or travel the world. Whatever the reason the trapped equity in the property will allow them to move on and as such the quicker the sale the sooner they can start the next chapter of their life.

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We get excited when it comes to property, and those purchasing a property through us have even more reason to be – should you choose to purchase through Properties Discounted™ , then you'e about to purchase your investment property


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